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About the site: was established back in 1996 to promote underground house, techno, and trance DJ - Dj Imagine. Over 20 years later is still up and running with new mixes always being added. Featured here is a list of some of the mixes Dj Imagine has put together over his many years of Djing.

About Dj Imagine:

While visiting a local record store in 1994 Imagine got his first rave flyer and was introduced to a scene that he quickly fell in love with. After attending every party he could for the next year, Imagine decided that he really wanted to DJ. He purchased his first set of turntables in 1995, and started putting beats together. After refining his mixing skills for two years, Imagine was flown from his home town of Phoenix, AZ to Santa Fe, NM in 1997 to dj his first big party.

Since then, Imagine has traveled all over the United States headlining with some of the best talent in the world!

Now living in Scottsdale, AZ Imagine manages to keep his style unique by playing the true sound of the underground. While many DJs are only interested in the new trendy styles, Imagine stays close to his roots as an underground dj. By spinning a huge Variety of the best dance music, Imagine has managed to become one of the best underground djs around!

Online Mixes
House Mix - The Search (Newest)
Groovy house to tech house this mix has it all.
Hard Techno Mix 2017
Underground techno that starts off with a blast from the past and goes into very dark driving beats.
Progressive Trance Mix 2016
Deep melodic Trance DJ Imagine's signature style is presented here in a mix that truly outlines the sound of the underground.
Old School Mix 1996
Dj Imagine puts together a mix of tracks that were all produced in back in 1996. "I feel like right around 1996 was when some of the best tracks were produced. They don't make music like they used to back then." - Dj Imagine
Dark Progressive Mix
Truly outstanding set of dark progressive trance. The kind you would hear at 2:00am at underground dance parties back in the day.
Underground Sessions
Underground house at its best mixed only the way Dj Imagine can bring it.
DJ Imagine BEST OF Mix
Dj Imagine has gone into his crate and busted out some of his favorites from over the years. This is a great representation of Dj Imagine's truly underground style.
Deep House Mix 2013
This mix features some great soulful house with some funk thrown in for good measure.
Dj Imagine Breakbeat Mix
The true sound of the underground is represented here in this mix of progressive breaks.
Progressive Techno
Hard progressive techno from start to finish, this mix will keep you dancing the whole time.
Virus Recordings Mix
Dj Imagine created this mix from the Virus Recordings compilation. All tracks created by the Drum & Bass masters Ed Rush and Optical.
Breaks Mix
A Breakbeats mix from the master of the underground, what more can you ask for?
Progressive Mix
An epic mix of progressive trance brought to you by the master of the underground.
Deep House Mix
A deep and soulful mix of house that will leave you craving for more.
Psy-Trance Mix
This mix page would not be complete without one of the mixes that made Dj Imagine famous in the late 90s.
Techno Mix
Driving techno beats blended together to give you the true sound of the underground.
Funky House Mix
Funky house that will make you wish you were back in the hay days of the late 90s when great house music was still being produced.
Progressive Trance Mix 1
Part 1 of a two part progressive trance mix that you cant miss.
Progressive Trance Mix 2
Part 2 of a two part progressive trance mix that you cant miss.
Drum and Bass Mix
The true sound of the underground delivered in a way that only the underground master Dj Imagine can. Featuring no obnoxious MC talking over the music.
Highway Mix
This extra long mix will give you something to listen to on your next long road trip.
Smooth House Mix
Paris House Smooth House Mix - remastered and remixed by Dj Imagine.
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